About Through The Silver Screen

Hello there!

Welcome to Through The Silver Screen! A blog all about movies and movie reviews, with a bit of Television thrown in there as well! 

I assume cos you’re here, you’re interested in the thrilling world of films!  I am Martin, the page’s owner. From a very young age, films have fascinated me. I loved going to the cinema as a kid but it was during my University years and after joining the Film Society, I realised my passion for the art that is cinema. I love movies of all kinds (except horror) and love to talk about them, so if you like movies as much as I do, chances are we will get along. Please feel free to tweet me if you have any films you would like me to cover: @martin_rich_91 and you can follow the blog’s official Twitter account: @TTSilverScreen and please like us on Facebook too! 

You can find all the reviews that have ever been done on the tab on the right. Please feel free to leave a comment and if you enjoy the content that is on here.

The rating system is the very traditional lettering style. It goes from A+ through to F, A+ being this movie is perfect you must see this film like NOW. And F being this movie is utter crap, avoid it at ALL costs.

Thanks for visiting the site and keep watching those movies!


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